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  • THE SAFEGUARD Security Wallet

    Do you realize that someone can steal your identity simply by walking past you? These days, and with the frequency that cat fanciers and exhibitors travel, it makes sense to protect your credit and debit cards so that your identity cannot be stolen. THE SAFEGUARD protective case will ensure that you are not a victim of wireless identity theft.

    This attractive aluminum case, with the letters "CFA" engraved on the front, has a secure locking mechanism, and will hold up to thirty of your precious identity, credit and debit cards.

    Order yours today and never worry again about your identity being stolen!

    THE SAFEGUARD Security Wallet
    Size: 4-1/4" x 3", 5/8" deep
    Price: $7.50 each, postage included
    Note: For delivery to US addresses only

    Save on postage costs! The security wallets will be available at select cat shows at a cost of $6.00. Please email Karen Lawrence for additional information.

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