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Magazines and Periodicals were the mainstay of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Letters to the editor were often the way that breeders communicated and let the world know what was happening in their breeding programs and show activities.

These days, those publications are an absolutely invaluable goldmine of knowledge about the development of the various breeds.

The Feline Historical Museum has a room dedicated to publications, from national magazines to local periodicals, to breed newsletters, to a collection of articles and presentations about individual breeds. All of these are considered invaluable to the collection of information about the early beginnings and development of our breeds.

Magazines in our research collection include:

  • Cat Fanciers Almanac, published by CFA, 1984-2007
  • Cat Talk, published by CFA, 2011-current
  • Cat Fancy, published by Bowtie/I-5 Publishing, 1967-2014
  • Cats Magazine, 1945-2001 (missing Nov/1996 and March/2000)
  • Our Cats, published in UK, 1949-1966, not complete
  • Cat Courier, published in USA, 1931-1938 (combining with The Cat Gazette effective May 1938)
  • The Cat Gazette, official publication of CFA, 1934-1960, not complete
  • Cat Digest, 1940-1942, not complete
  • Cat Review, published in USA, 1914-1948, not complete
  • All Pets, published in USA, 1935-1965 not complete. Purchased/merged with CFA's The Cat Gazette, December 1939
  • Cat World, published in USA, 1973-1990
  • Cat World International, 1989-1996
  • All Cats, 1975-1981
  • I Love Cats, 1989-1999
  • die edelkatze, published in Germany, 1963-1982 not complete

Many of the breed clubs associated with CFA and other registering bodies publish monthly, or bi-monthly, issues of a breed newsletter. The information contained in the publications is also invaluable for research purposes. Among those included in our collection are:

  • The Abyssinian Cat Newsletter, published in the UK
  • Cat Tracks, a publication of The Atlantic Himalayan Society, 1979-2016
  • United Silver Golden Fanciers, a breed club publication, 1974-2011
  • The Aqua Eye, a publication of the Tonkinese Breed Association, 1991-current, not complete

In addition, this research room contains several comprehensive breed histories compiled by individual breeders, such as Birman (pedigrees donated by Alwyn Hill), Chartreux (compiled by Jessie McLelland), and Korat (compiled by Daphne Negus).




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