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    A non-lending library and research room is a focal point in the CFA Foundation museum in Alliance, Ohio. More than 2,000 books on the topic of cats can be found in the library. The books are cataloged by title and continue to be available for on-site review by interested persons.

    Children's Library

    Thanks to a very generous donation from Dr. Danny O. Crew, our library now includes an extensive collection of children's books. Currently set up on our mezzanine level, this new addition includes books about cats or with cats in their storyline. We're very excited about this latest acquisition and encourage children of all ages to visit and spend some time reading these delightful books.


    The library houses a complete set of CFA Yearbooks (1958-current). In addition, there are copies of TICA yearbooks and ACFA Parade of Royalty books. A great deal of the history of the cat fancy can be found in the Yearbooks, along with many photos and historical breed articles. The CFA Yearbooks contain minutes of CFA Board meetings, presentations of the Top National Winners for the year as well as the Best of Breed, plus listings of Grand Champions and Grand Premiers. They are an invaluable research resource.


    Studbooks contain the early registrations of the various registering associations, i.e. GCCF, ACA, CFF and CFA. CFA studbooks were printed, from time to time, in volumes 1 through 94. Each studbook contains the Officers and Clubs, Rules for Registration, Table of Contents, Photographs, Show Schedules, Grand Championships and Championships awarded, and Index, as well as all the Stud Book entries, Foundation Record entries, etc. They provide an overview of registrations, and are of particular interest to those involved in linechasing.

    Magazines & Periodicals

    Magazines, periodicals and other printed items are received by the Foundation each year and have become part of the collection. The publications range from general interest cat publication (Cats, Cat Fancy, Cat World International, I Love Cats, and Popular Cats) to CFA publications, foreign publications, veterinary journals and other pet related titles.

    Breed Newsletters

    The Abyssinian Cat Newsletter, March 1952Through the years, many breed clubs published newsletters to keep their members aware of the happenings within the breed club and the success of their members.

    One very successful newsletter was The Abyssinian Cat Newsletter, which was began publication in England in the early 1950's and was distributed worldwide until 1968. A great deal of detailed breeder information is contained in the notes and letters that were submitted to this newsletter, and much of the early history of the Abyssinian breed is contained within its pages.

    The foundation is actively searching for copies of old newsletters, and will greatfully accept donations to their library.

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