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    CFA YEARBOOK - Out of Print Editions
    (1958 - 2007, as available)

    CFA Yearbook The CFA Yearbook is published annually. From 1958 until 1972, the Yearbook was a softcover book. From 1973 until 2003, the Yearbook was a coffee table sized, hard cover book. From 2004 through 2011, the Yearbook was still coffee table sized, but with a softcover. It returned to a hardcover in 2012. Each Yearbook contains the National Awards, along with a wide variety of breeder advertising and interesting articles. List of editions, with breed article index.

    Use PAYPAL to purchase CFA Yearbooks!

    Acceptance Mark

    Price Softcover: $25.00, plus shipping & handling fees.
    Price Hardcover: $20.00, plus shipping & handling fees.
    Note: Out of print CFA yearbooks are sold only in "as is" condition (some have broken binding, writing on pages, folded pages, foxing, etc)
    Shipping & Handling: $5.95 (softcover 1966-1972 only); $14.95 (hardcover/softcover 1973-2010)

    NOTE: We will ship overseas, but please email for a postage price before placing an order, as the US Post Office has increased postage rates dramatically as of January 2013.

    RETURN POLICY: Note that all items are sold "as is" and returns are not accepted.

    Select an edition 1960-1969:

    Select an edition 1970-1972:

    Select an edition 1973-1979:

    Select an edition 1980-1989:

    Select an edition 1990-1999:

    Select an edition 2000-2011

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