This is YOUR Museum!

We consider the Feline Historical Museum to be YOUR museum. So, how can you help us to make sure that it grows and prospers?

Many of us have realized that our cherished collections will not be treasured by those we leave behind, and are searching for a place where those special items will be appreciated.

The Foundation provides that place where your collections, books, artwork, or other items will always be enjoyed by other cat lovers.

To donate funds or memorabilia please contact us through our web site, via email, or call the museum and speak to the director about your planned gift. If you wish to include a donation to the CFA Foundation in your estate planning, we'll be happy to provide some direction.

When you do decide to part with your collectibles, the Feline Historical Museum would be honored to be the permanent caretaker of your historical and treasured cat collection. Donations of materials can be sent to: The Cat Fanciers' Association Foundation, Inc. 260 East Main Street Alliance, OH 44601

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the CFA Foundation, Inc. registered as a not-for-profit organization?
A: The Cat Fanciers' Association Foundation, Inc., is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of New York state. The Foundation has been ruled not a private foundation.

Q: What is an example of items that the CFA Foundation is interested in as a donation?
A: The CFA Foundation is looking for unique and historical items related to the cat and the early cat fancy. We are also interested in collectibles that depict the cat in artwork, figurines, etc.

Q: Where should donations be sent?
A: If you are interested in donating, please contact our museum manager at, or phone 330-680-4444. Our address is The CFA Foundation, Inc., Feline Historical Museum, 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH 44601.

Q: Can I claim donations to The CFA Foundation on my tax return?
A: Yes. The CFA Foundation, Inc. has been ruled exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Foundation may be deductible for Federal income, gift and estate tax purposes.




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