Our Artifacts

Important to our collection is the preservation of historical documents along with cat show memorabilia including trophies, medallions, awards and rosettes from the early cat fancy in the United States and England.

The CFA Foundation has been very fortunate in locating, and purchasing, a number of fine artifacts that help us to trace the history of the Cat Fancy. Our extensive collection currently includes a number of unique items such as:

  • Early 1900ís wooden cat carrier
  • Silver collar awarded to Cosey, the winner of the first Madison Square Garden cat show in New York City in 1895

  • Original Roy Andersen paintings.
  • 1880-1897 scrapbook of cat memorabilia compiled by Samuel C. Perkins of Philadelphia
  • Third prize rosette awarded to Daisy, a 3-color Manx, at the first annual cat show in Northampton, England in 1896
  • 1904 sterling silver chalice from the Sheffield Cat Show in England
  • 1846 hand block print by F. Silber
  • 1883 pewter nut bowl, awarded in Boston as First Prize to the "best specimen of an Angora cat"
  • 1895 Silver Medal of the Siamese Cat Club (UK)
  • 1894/1895 gold medal won at the Crufts Cat Show by the "S. Woodiwiss Team"

A number of trophies can be viewed, including a 1929 Washington Cat Fanciers award, a Fibber McGee and Molly trophy, and numerous medallions from early shows in England and the United States.




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