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    Breed Articles | General Interest Articles

    General Interest Articles

    1. 100 Cats Scroll
    2. "During their show in 2006, the Hong Kong Cat Lovers' Society presented a hand-painted scroll to CFA, through judges David Mare and Darrell Newkirk, to honor the 100 Year Anniversary of CFA. This magnificent work of art ..."

    3. Cat Dolls
    4. "Doll collecting is a hobby enjoyed by a large number of people around the world, who are drawn to the collectibles because of the artistry and design, the beauty of the costumes, and a number of ..."

    5. Cats in Advertising
    6. "Illustrations of cats have been used in conjunction with advertising for a wide variety of products for well over a century. Inclusion of a cat in an ad ...."

    7. Chessie
    8. "Every cat lover should recognize Chessie, the corporate symbol of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway ...."

    9. Cosey, the First Champion
    10. "In 1990, I got a tip from a friend about several unique pieces at an antique shop in Central New Jersey. When I got there I found three stunning items ...."

    11. Domestication of the Cat
    12. "Documentation shows that domesticated cats first appeared in Egypt around 3500 BC. As nomadic tribes travelled ..."

    13. Emergence of the Cat Fancy
    14. "In England, during the latter half of the 19th century, gentry and royalty acquired cats and began to breed them to like specimens. Thus began ..."

    15. Empire Cat Club Celebrates Centennial in 2013
    16. "Since its inception in 1913, the Empire Cat Club has certainly contributed positively to the growth of CFA!"

    17. Maneki Neko
    18. "The history of the Maneki Neko is long and rich in Asia, dating back as far as the Edo period (1603-1867) in Japan. Earliest actual documentation ..."

    19. Samuel C. Perkins, Philadelphia, PA
    20. "One of the earliest dated artifacts of the CFA Foundation is a leather-bound scrapbook containing newspaper articles, illustrations ..."

    21. Tea ... and the Teapot
    22. "The tea plant was first cultivated in India and exported to China during the fourth century. Merchants traveling the trade routes ..."

    23. Tracking Cat Fancy Records
    24. "The breeding of cats to a set breed standard began in earnest in the late 1800ís in England. The exhibiting of cats at shows ..."

    Breed Articles

    During the archiving of the magazines in the library of the Feline Historical Museum, we have located and scanned a large number of breed articles. In an effort to make the historical information about the various breeds available to those who admire the breed, work with the breed, show the breed, or simply own the breed, we will add links to PDF files here occasionally.


    1. "Thumbnail History of the Abyssinian in America", by Helen G. Fairchild, Cats Magazine, December 1946

    American Curl

    1. "The A-Team", by Nancy Reynolds Keister, Cat Companion, September/October, 1991

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