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    Doll collecting is a hobby enjoyed by a large number of people around the world, who are drawn to the collectibles because of the artistry and design, the beauty of the costumes, and a number of countless other reasons. Some collect dolls for their uniqueness - and it's that category the cat dolls fall into.

    The Feline Historical Museum is delighted to have a collection of specialty Cat Dolls on display. The bank's original vault was selected to display over 30 dolls, each with a distinguished cat head. With no exposure to sunlight, the bright colors on the cat faces and the fabric and color of their clothing are well protected inside the vault.

    The collection of cat dolls represents a wide variety of mediums - some heads and paws are made of papier-mache, while others are porcelain. Clothing is also a huge variance, with some dolls dressed in silk and satin, while others have velvet robes, sweaters, or even suede clothing.

    Among the dolls on exhibit are:

    "Frenchy", an antique French marionette, has a life-like appearance thanks to excellent mohair work on the Siamese face. Clothing is a reproduction of the original, which had deteriorated beyond repair, but the feathered hat is the real thing. Restoration is by Donna Bragg of Fabulayce© Dolls.

    A rare 21" Native American porcelain cat doll has a hand painted tabby patterned face. It is wearing a buckskin suede outfit and a headband with feathers and beads. This doll and costume was created by Sandra Trower. "Cinderella" is, of course, costumed in her ball gown, complete with bows and ribbons being held by bluebirds. She is wearing a tiara, and hanging on tightly to her glass slipper in one paw. This is a one-of-a-kind doll, commissioned for a private collection. Created by Sherrie Tussell for Kidday Dolls©.

    The "Gibson Girl" doll, by Peter and Pat Tyber of Tyber Katz©, is a 16" tabby cat wearing a teal colored skirt of velvet and blouse of satin. The lace trimmed hat sports brown ostrich feathers, and there is a custom made sterling silver brooch at her throat. This doll comes with its own custom-made red velvet fainting couch. "Prudence Peppermitten", is a 26" tall marionette, with a painted papier-mache head, and dressed in a red, green and white patchwork satin dress with lace and ribbon trim. This doll was designed by Wayne M. Kelski for Katherine's Collection of Silver Lake©.

    The "King" and "Queen" cat dolls are made of painted papier-mache. They wear Victorian period costumes in brocade, satin and velvet with gold and lace trim. Each wears a crown. These dolls were made exclusively for sale in the Neiman Marcus catalog.

    The dolls in our collection are available through the generous donations of Glenna J. Moore, and the estate of Wilton E. Wheeldon and Gladys J. Wheeldon.

    The Feline Historical Museum is located at 260 East Main St., Alliance, OH and is open to visitors Tuesday-Friday (10am-4pm) and Saturday (9am-12pm). Admission is free.

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